Singed (History)

Singed – formerly known as Darius Quinn

Darius was a noble, born to Jarvan and Akali Quinn. As a noble his life was filled with luxuries only dreamed of by commoners. Growing up, he had a normal child hood, normal for a noble anyways.

He is now 18. He has grown into a well educated man, raised to fit any social situation, a quality befitting of a noble. He was also trained from a young age in many forms of combat, including hand to hand, and weaponry. Needing supplies for his training, he heads out to the city.

Out in the city, he sees a young man being robbed by a bulky looking stranger, someone who didn’t look like he fit in this town. Being a good man, he tries to help! Quickly the stranger overpowers and pummels him to the ground. While this is happening, the young man reaches into his briefcase and takes out a flask. Hoping to help Darius he throws it at the stranger. The stranger dodges, which allows the flask to break on Darius’ back and melting his skin. This was acid thrown. Realizing this, the stranger becomes furious and enacts his rage on the young man, killing him. Before he is able to take anything of value, he flees. Darius, barely conscious, sees the stranger flee, and not moments before Darius is unconscious, the law arrives due to others hearing a struggle in the alley.

Darius wakes up in shackles in a cell. Before he can find out what’s going on, the police arrive and drag him to court.

In front of the judge, his crime is told: Murder. He has murdered the son of a noble, an aspiring scientist, a man he has never met before, a man who he tried to do good for. He pleads his case. He begs them to believe him, “it was not me! I saw a man try to rob him. I tried to help! Why are you doing this! Father! Mother! Believe me!”

None believed him. There was no way to prove his innocence. His word was but meaningless in the eyes of everyone there. His family, looking away with shame as he is dragged off to serve sentence: life banishment from high society. The only reason he wasn’t hanged was because of his family’s noble status. Nothing to take with him, other than the burn scar on his back, he is dragged off.

His faith betrayed by his family and friends, he swore to never forget this injustice he has received. Filled with rage, anguish, and hate, he is sent for punishment to live in the Hive core, where he will serve as slave for royalties until the day he dies.

Now in the hive, he is alone. His only duty is to serve royalties. His training came to good use down here. Without it, he would’ve died the first year.

He befriended a local girl named Riven. A tech savvy girl working for a crime syndicate. She helps him get information about anything of interest to him. Whether it’s the next big heist, where to find weapons, or simply where to not be at a certain time, she has become an integral part to his survival, both physically and mentally.

9 years later, Darius, now known as Singed, is a rugged scum. Having to live here, barely scrapping by, danger at every corner, he has grown well in self defense and using simple weapons. This experience is what allowed him to lose to the stranger. This is where that stranger came from. This is what sent him to hell.

Everyday still feeling the hate within, he wants to find any way to enact his vengeance on the system that killed Darius, and given rise to Singed.

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Singed (History)

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