Plug (History)

Ravion was originally born on Wrath Prime, to a family working in the super massive factories of the Mid-Hive. He inherited his parents’ debts and lifestyle, going to work himself in the factories, and soon became talented with machinery of various types. After managing to fix a particularly stubborn machine, he caught the eye of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who recruited him and shipped him to Mars, where he was indoctrinated via ritual and implant into their religion. He then spent the next twenty-five or so years learning the mysteries of the Adeptus Mechanicus, after which he went out into the cosmos as a tech-priest, searching for lost technology.

About twenty years ago, Ravion was contacted by an inquisitor. Ravion had been referred to him by his superiors on Mars, who described him as a capable and competent tech-priest, though they had an ulterior motive as well. Having received secret orders from Mars, Ravion joined the inquisitor’s party and proceeded to have adventures in the hunt for heresy (which they discovered in abundance). Their mission ended in a showdown with a greater daemon from the warp, while he piloted one of the ancient Titan war machines and his party manned it. The battle ended with the daemon banished back into the warp, but the Titan was also severely damaged. This, unfortunately, prevented Ravion from completing his secret mission, which had been to recover and/or salvage as much of the Titan as possible.

Upon hearing his report, Ravion’s superiors were confused and furious. They considered the Titan to be an avatar of the Machine God, and could not understand how it could be so irreparably damaged in the battle, thus assuming Ravion to be at fault. Ravion was immediately recalled to Mars, where he was put on trial. After heavy debating, they concluded that Ravion had not fallen to corruption (the daemon had been defeated, after all). However, they also concluded that his faith must not have been strong enough, for the Titan to suffer such damage, and furthermore worried about any possible residual taint that may have affected him. As punishment, the entire mission, and most of his former life outside of religious doctrines, was scrubbed from Ravion’s mind, and he was sent back to Wrath Prime on a salvage mission of the rumored lost technology deep in the Underhive, for a term of no less than 20 years.

Ravion is currently on duty on Wrath Prime carrying out his sentence. He harbors some resentment towards his superiors (he knows he is being punished but doesn’t know why), but he is still a faithful member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, which results in him dutifully carrying out his assignment, while his malcontent is directed towards those around him, resulting in a colder-than-usual personality. Concerning his past life on Wrath Prime, he remembers only that he used to live somewhere in the Mid-Hive; he doesn’t even remember his own name, and goes by the moniker Plug. Concerning his assignment, he has yet to discover or salvage any significant technology, but he is deeply concerned about the advanced state of decay of much of the machinery in the Mid- and Underhive, and this, along with his frustration with his superiors, is what motivates him to join in the current quest.

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