Corvus Twain (History)

Corvus Twain

The story of Corvus Twain starts long before he came into the putrid hole that the Imperium calls Wrath Prime. Before his unflinching gaze, tempered and strengthened by the truth of the Lex Imperialis, was brought to bear on this world, he served, as all Arbitrators do, with distinction. On Bront, another planet in the Calixis sector and home to a regiment of the Imperial guard, he began his service. There he built his experience and skills as one of the most diligent detectives in this sector of the Segmentum Obscurus.

Serving as an Arbitrator on the homeworld of the Brontian Longknives may seem like an easy run but what one learns is that unlike their more famous brethren in the Space Marines, Imperial Law can seem very far away to some of the more brazen members of the Imperial Guard. Serving both as an active member of the arbitrators in the Adeptus Arbites fortress as a detective, he served undercover within the training groups of the Longkives. His identity was kept safe by the infamous half mask of the Arbitrators when out of the group’s sights. For eight years he proved a foe both in public and from within the borders of the longknives camps. Eventually, his investigation led to the end of a group of guardsmen who were smuggling imperial weapons into the hands of militants.

Sadly, his identity was discovered by some of the militants and with his life at risk and his ability to do any undercover work blown, the only option was to extract him from Bront and move somewhere else in the sector. And here we arrive on Wrath.

Disgusted by the flaunting of Imperial law by seemingly everyone on the planet, he decided that he would take action to bring down the gangs, the criminals and possibly even those in charge of the working masses. It doesn’t matter how high up the criminal, he will follow them to the end of his life to secure justice and punishment. However, after years of fruitless undercover activity and brutal crackdowns within the confines of his Imperial mandate, there is still no change. Wrath Prime is still a seedy, disgusting mess. Eventually, knowing that more needs to be done, he seeks out like minded people to work towards a common goal. The Emperor’s Law must be implemented, whether he has to work within that law. It is like fire to the unjust, he is the match and they will feel it burn.

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Corvus Twain (History)

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