Wrath Prime

Wrath Prime

Setting to Dark Heresy

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium…

Wrath Prime

Type: Hive World – Imperial Reference 1343554/fvk/9801a.23/P
Gravity: 0.92G
Temperature: 53*C Average
Population: 47 Billion
Tithe: 1.3 Billion soliders per annum
Exports: Promethium fuel
Imports: Radioactive Wastes
Planetary Governor: Padishah Thorion Vesqu’lema
System: Wrath
Sector: Calixis
Subsector: Adrantis
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Prefix Inquisitoria: Stable

Date 791.M41

Wrath Prime is the principle world of the Wrath System and plays a vital role in the surrounding Adrantis sub sector. In a long forgotten past the world was founded by some of the first men to leave Holy Terra on the great sleep ships. Back then it was a desert world rich in rare resources but is now wreathed in thick bands of noxious pollutants, chemical smog and rad storms. Reclaimed by the light of the Emperor by the Rogue Trader Palidus Thren in M32 during the height of the Great Crusade, it was already a world of teaming billions ruled by a hereditary Padishah and an aristocratic hierarchy. The world itself was a global city of vast and ancient design and it was not long until the Adeptus Mechanicus harvested what remained of the planetary STC units. Even then the planet was the capital world of a multiple system empire and the centre of its economic wealth, producing vast quantities of promethium fuel from the planets colossal hydrocarbon deposits. The world saw the full force of Imperial strength rain down upon it, devastating the planets infrastructure and reducing its gleaming spires to atomic dust. It was not long until the world surrendered to Imperial rule. Since then the world has maintained its production of promethium and now also serves the Imperium by recycling the sub sectors radioactive waste.

Today Wrath Prime is a very different world, life outside the great protective walls of the city would entail a brutal choking death. The surface temperatures sore due to the worlds unchecked pollution, add toxic, highly corrosive rain and the result is a vast industrial wasteland of terribly ancient eroded structures. Terrifying storms of unbridled power wrack the planet, causing fires that can gut kilometers of hive with little to no services to help those affected. Life here is harsh and the iron first of Imperial ruler means everyone has their place and no one dare stray.

The underhive is layer upon layer of compacted levels of ancient technology and long lost glory, buried beneath hundreds of kilometers of plasteel and adamantium. These levels are mostly flooded with aggressive acidic and radioactive effluent which has slowly collected over countless millennia. Rumours of fantastic lost technology and hidden treasures from the dark age of technology lead many would-be scavengers and explorators alike here to their doom. There are shadows of things from the darkest of nightmares and the whispers of sentience’s best left to remain forever in their forgotten realm.

The mid-hive is a place of unrelenting toil as billions of souls trudge to their work stations from the hab blocks every cycle to repeat the same mindless tasks. This level is run and maintained by the factorum generals Lord Magos Attelus of the Promethium guild, Archemandrite Praetus of the Rad-works and the Baron Hathgor of the Administratum. These three individuals oversee the worlds major imports and exports, maintain the manufactorums and report to the Spire to the Planetary Governor, Padishah Thorion Vesqu’lema and his council and emissaries of the Skaelen-Har Hegemony and the ambassadors to the Machenko Dynasty.
This level of the hive is the focus of the hives massive and persistent crime organisations who trade in all manner of distractions for the local populations, from the Pale Pits to the ever present production and sale of drugs and the running of prostitution rackets. First among the gangs are the ever-present Scavs, low level scavengers and petty criminals who have infected almost all strata of the mid hive. The more recent problem of the Kellek Brothers who have carved out an empire for themselves in the mid and underhive. Finally we have the Spider Clan, the remains of a ancient hive culture which has ultimately hegemonised. The Spider Clan is a vicious and uncaring tribe of murderers and sadists who bring nothing but pain and misery to those whose lives they touch.

Above the bustling crowds of the mid hive we have the Lower Spire which is home to the Noble Houses, the affluent and influential aristocracy who live upon the toil of the untold billions below them. These families can all trace their lineage at least as far back as to when the Imperium of Man welcomed Wrath into it’s arms, still others claim their family’s history can be traced back further still. There are many Noble houses across the spires of Wrath, but the closest and most influential have to be House Gk’lem, who have had ties with traders from neighbouring systems for generations and bring many resources from other worlds to Wrath; House Jeok’lem, politicians by trade who have had many of their finest members join the ranks of the Council; House Hrek’lem who maintain land ownerships across the system and the sector; and finally House Veik’lem whose compacts with the varied Adeptus’ of the Imperium make them unparalleled in the brokering of profitable deals with the Imperial fleets and the many arms of the Ministorum.

Finally we have the Spire, this region is the sole province of the Council and the Padishah Thorion Vesqu’lema. Vast sealed domes containing green pastures, hanging gardens and the freshest pure air and water held aloft by the cyclopean edifice of the hive which stand up to 15 kilometers above the surface of Wrath Prime. The Council organize and command the entire workings and function of the vast world hive under the auspice of the Padishah while directly convening with Imperial envoys and diplomats. Very few people in the hives even know of such a place, let alone have the ability to imagine one. If such opulence was known to exist to the common man then rebellion could be a real threat.

You come from all different walks of life within the Hive of Wrath Prime and some from further afield and you all find yourselves dissatisfied with your place in the vast scheme that is the functioning of a Hive. Drawn together through chance you have all decided that the corruption present within the hive is too much; gangs threaten the safety of others, tyrannical factorum Masters work their crews to death and care little for the suffering of the population so long as quotas are met, darkness lurks within the hearts of the council and all around you you sense threat, not just for your lives but for the very souls of the billions around you. It is for this reason that you have all come together, outside the authority of your Masters, to work together to make this corner of Hell just a little nicer.

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