Wrath Prime

Tyren Aynn

There goes the neighborhood, er, planet.

On their way home, the hive started shaking as they rode the Mag-Lev transport. A few Kilometers away a significant section of the hive caves in. Millions die. The mag-lev continues to its destination. Our heroes now saw the horrific scene of their eviscerated comrade. A sigil above the make-shift altar burned into the minds of all who looked upon it. Plug was overtaken by insanity was is Octiva who tossed Singed like rag doll covered in bees. Everyone else just went a little “drunken Mel Gibson” with the rage.

After recovering from the horrific scene of Corvus’s sacrificed body, and covering the accursed sigil, our heroes split into two groups: One who would continue with the investigation, trying to find the Libre Nox, and the others to investigate the scene.

Around the altar, the investigation found out what happened: Corvus, bound and gagged had been dragged by twelve men in dark robes then sacrificed in a ritual that ended with the giant hive-quake. Though the investigative team took a picture of the sigil to research later, the device used to record it began to bleed.

What else happened during the quake? The shops shook violently, and a colossal psychic phenomenon occurred causing the warp storm to enter the system and moons to crash. A dead world bled through. In a few hours the debris would descend on Wrath Prime. Evidently this whole thing was caused by Khorne worshipers.

To follow the Libre Nox trail, Plug, Octiva and Skul seek Tyren Aynn. They got to the mid-hive and the arbiters are trying to calm the chaos that has ensued. Two heavies (large dudes with guns) stood outside Tyren’s door. Octiva flashes them a little palm and the heavies go jelly-kneed. “If you leave now,” she said, “we won’t report you to the mofo emperor.” The dudes step aside. The team enters and a desk clerk tries to slow them down to no avail. A white-robed dude tried to stop them by shouting much profanity. Plug quietly replies “Libre Nox” and the man shuts up and brings them to his office.

Said office was full of all manner of heretical alien technology. Beautiful ornate wooden panelling decorates the walls. Octiva pokes an obsidian glass desk in the middle of the room, turning it on. Tyren quickly turns it off, so no one can see his porn collection.

Tyren acknowledged that he should have guessed inquisitors would come after him. He agreed to give our heroes all of his information on the condition of immunity. Cults have popped up all over the world. Tyren knew that his Libre Nox was a fake because he decoded and attempted the ritual. A secret organization owns the real book. Skul showed what a putz he can be by whispering to Tyren about how there was no immunity. Octiva then elbowed him in the ribs to shut him up. Despite Skul’s best efforts, Tyren continued to cooperate and gave up the name of Lord Attelus of the Tanthra Spire, lord of this planet and the promethium mines, this guy was going to be trouble. Tyren gave the three a data slate full of evil information for our heroes’ convenience.

Everyone expressed their extreme offense at the office and its technology. Skul stayed uncharacteristically silent. Evidentially, the xeno-tech all came from a caravan tribe of dog-like people. Oh look at that, tons of angry rabble rousers gathered outside Tyren’s book emporium. Rabbling and booing, the crowd demanded blood. Instead, Plug just started recording their faces for inquisition records.

Back at the death scene, Arbiters SMASH! Freja, Singed and Template find the sigil has been partially uncovered. Woopsy. After examining the blood and the hand and footprints all over the scene, forensics found DNA of Arkam asylum escapees and Lord Atellus, chief operator of the promethium guilds and an adeptus mechanicus. On the coms, the two teams realized they’d both hit the same lead.

Back at Tyren’s area, suddenly, “It’s Raining Bullets! (Hallelujah)” starts playing. Fight ensues. After two of the three shooters got thoroughly torn to bits,Plug decided to take a detour to the nearest tech shrine. Man, these non-tech-priests are dull and shooty, he complains to his new friends. When the third shooter was only mostly dead, Plug healed him just long enough to get information about who sent them.

The Skalen Har hegemony, dudes who like to destroy their own personality to make themselves better cybermen, want our heroes’ blood and the Libre Nox. They’ve been tracking the group for a while, not that this group has been subtle with all the palm flashing they’ve been doing. Skalen Har is the largest trading organization in the sector. They deal in star fleets.

Having obtained this information, the group take home the heads and anuses of the cybermen for further analysis.

Next plan: Tool up and head out the Tanthra Spire to kill and interrogate Lord Attelus (in some order or another).



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