Wrath Prime

A Trip to the Drug Factorum

in which we find out just how dark our heroes can be

Arbiters Corvus and Octiva returned to the shop to find a rather messy front room. Singed was tasked with cleaning up the place and recycling the bodies, while Plug and Template sifted through the six months of information obtained last time. Meanwhile, “The Hole” reported that Psykers were being driven to insanity at a faster and more abundant pace than usual. Our “heroes” found a contract on one of the dead bodies that indicated the attack was by the KK (Kellik Brothers) Gang.

As one of the attackers ran away from the fight screaming, Skol insisted on following some leads to find him and the base from which he was hired.

The gang spread out with a few missing-puppy style posters with the final man’s face. Finally, Template found a solid lead at the “Armed and Hammered Pub.” The man was named Seb, and he recognized his brother Krog. “They’re gonna kill him!” He raved. Template and Skol calmed him down and convinced him that he could save his brother’s life by offering to work for the KK Brothers too.

Seb then lead Skol, Template, Octiva and Freja through the bowels of the hive, gang country. The people of the area, living in filth, had been driven to insanity from poverty, drugs and anything the gangers had to throw at them. Skol donned a urine-soaked set of rags and splashed himself with alcohol in order to blend in. Nobody else cared to follow his lead.

When rain began to fall inside the ancient structure which was now the hovels and factorums of gang country, the residents who were lucid enough acted as though water was the nectar of the living Gods. A notably scarce resource in this part of the hive, evidently.

Seb lead our heroes to an obscura factorum owned by the KK Bros. He and Skol knocked on the door asking after Krog. After being allowed in, the muscle-cakes running this factorum separated Seb and Skol, killing Seb with effervescent glee. Meanwhile, Template, Octiva and Freja outside failed handily at trying to drive the truck through the plasteal wall of the factorum. Instead, they knocked on the other door. Freja then proceeded to crazy town in an exchange with the guard on the other side of the door which essentially boiled down to the message that there was a docile and idiotic young girl outside just ripe for the killing and raping in whichever order they preferred. When the slabs of muscle opened the door, Template rolled in one of his/her/its favorite frag grenades and promptly blasted the balls off most of the crew. It was at this point that Skol engaged the guard watching him in a kung-fu style gun as melee weapon hand-to-hand fight, eventually breaking the guy’s face.

After much messiness, only two beefsteaks still lived: “face-guy” and a well dressed man who was now short one arm, who shall hence-forth be known affectionately as “Armsy.” The workers in the drug lab, being mostly innocent, were herded into a storage room for safe keeping. Unsure of what to do with the quite recently unemployed, Octiva said to the room of proles, “I’ll be back in half an hour, at that point, one of you gets to leave.” She then closed the door and after two minutes of commotion, there was a knock from the inside of the storage room. Thrown by this very quick decision making process, Octiva slowly backed away from the door.

After exploring the other rooms of the factory, Octiva found the office in which Seb had been shot and his brother Krog had been tortured. After much interrogation, Krog was deemed info-free and mercy killed by Skol. Interrogating Face-guy and Armsy in different rooms was a fruitless endeavor until Freja suggested bringing Face-guy’s head to Armsy. Happy to oblige, Skol, fetched the head and tossed it into Armsy’s lap, at which point the man sang like an ancient blue bird.

Armsy provided the name of his contact, Rotha, the password to his data pad (which Template transferred all the information from on to its data unit) and a bit of insight into the business and reach of the KK Bros.

Freja took the initiative to slit Armsy’s throat as Template was to slow to move on giving the wretch a quick death. The crew soon sent a message to Armsy’s contact “Employee revolt. Locked self in office. Send help.” Setting up Armsy’s body to explode once it’s moved, Template and Freja filled their pockets with some Obscura for weaponizing later. Octiva would have none of the drugs and Skol was itching for further killin’ times. They destroyed the rest of the drugs and set as much as they could on fire and headed home.



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