10,000 years ago a penitent Ecclisiarchy priest exiled himself to a distant world to repent for his betrayal of the Imperium.
This world was Destiny’s End.

It all begins as a shattered world tumbles out of the Warp around the Imperial system of Wrath. Ships from the systems capital travel to plunder its secrets and bring back the shattered dreams of ten billion souls. Broken glass, known as Shards, each containing the essence, hopes and fears of a whole people are now being sold on the black market. The people of Wrath Prime are enraptured by the drug and the corruption spreads throughout the Hives to the tops of the highest Spires. Surrounded by ill omens and the cries of half mad psychers, the population slips into anarchy as Chaos takes it’s malignant hold of the system and our adventurers set out to find the roots of the ancient evil threatening their home.

Under hive by slaine69 d50b27o

Wrath Prime

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